Kristen & Kirk’s journey to a Disney Wedding began on the Disney Dream in 2019, when Kirk popped the question on the last night of their cruise. It was only fitting then, that the couple would say their “I do’s” in the Atrium of the same ship 2 years later during Disney Cruise Line Very Merrytime Cruises. 


The couple shared that “After all of the stress in life…we wanted something that didn’t require too much out of us. We wanted something low key and intimate, something that showcased a dash of fun, a sprinkle of whimsy, and a whole lot of love.” Making a Disney wedding, aboard the Disney Cruise Line, during the holidays the perfect experience! 


Weddings aboard the Disney Cruise Line are packaged based, which makes the wedding planning experience simple and easy. Because all the dining, entertainment, and accommodations are included with each guest’s sailing, couples can relax and know their wedding guests are having an unforgettable experience. Kristen, Kirk and their wedding guests took full advantage of all holiday magic onboard the Disney Dream—keep scrolling for their full wedding recap!

Kirk described their wedding day as “one of the best days of my life. It started off with breakfast delivered to the room. While Kirsten went to Senses to get her hair done, I went to the top deck with her brother and played some mini golf to pass the time.” 


Once everyone was ready, Kristen & Kirk met on Deck 4 for their first look. Kirk shared “I’ll admit I cried when I turned around and saw her for the first time. We shared a moment together and went around to our favorite parts of the ship to get some photos: the Bon Voyage bar next to the atrium was a must, as were the “smokestacks” outside.”

The couple hosted their wedding ceremony in the Atrium, surrounded by festive garland, twinkling lights, right at the heart of the ship. Kristen described Christmas in the Atrium – sharing that “The massive Christmas tree, life size gingerbread house, and twinkling garlands all work together beautifully with the paneled wood and art deco elegance of the Disney Dream.”


Kirk shared his memory of their wedding ceremony - “as she made her way down the stairs looking like a princess, I teared up again. The ceremony was wonderful, and one of the best parts was being able to share it with others on the ship. The balconies surrounding the atrium were filled with guests who watched our big day. Complete strangers congratulated us throughout the rest of the sailing, and they later shared photos with us of our day.” 

Following their wedding ceremony, the couple and their guests headed up to the Outlook for a private cake and champagne reception to celebrate.  

Kristen shared that “there is no one favorite overarching moment, but rather all of the small things that add up. Kirk making me double over in laughter during our first look, while telling stories about the chaotic running around they had to do while Laura and I were getting our hair done; waiting at the top of the atrium stairs for the wedding coordinator to signal for the production to start; the uncoordinated dip during our first dance; Kirk’s mom stealing others’ glasses of bubbly and encouraging everyone to dance; Kirk and I winding down after the reception and ordering ALL of the room service food; Remy later that night, stuffed full of food watching the sun set on such a beautiful day.”

Kristen & Kirk expressed that “we wanted it to feel special, without the obligation that often comes with a huge wedding. We wanted it to be a celebration where we could connect with our loved ones and create new, shared memories.”


Their wedding truly was a full experience, from morning activities to a breathtaking holiday wedding ceremony and reception, to dinner at the most luxurious dinner experience on board at Remy and fireworks to cap off the night. 

We couldn’t be happier for the couple, and wish them a lifetime of happiness, magic, and more special memories made aboard the Disney Cruise Line! 


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Photos courtesy of Ashley with Jess Collins Photography.