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Cruise Weddings

Booking & Payment
QWhen may I book my wedding or vow renewal?
ADisney’s Fairy Tale Weddings is currently booking ceremonies for those sailings that have been announced by Disney Cruise Line. We recommend reserving your sailing as early as possible as Disney Cruise Line can only host a limited number of celebrations per sailing. To book your sailing and your wedding celebration, please call Disney Cruise Line at (800) 951-3532. You can also explore itineraries by visiting
QHow do I reserve my wedding or vow renewal celebration on the ship?
ATo book your sailing and your ceremony, please call Disney Cruise Line at (800) 951-3532. You can also explore itineraries by visiting If you have reserved a cruise through your travel agent, your travel agent may also book the celebration on your behalf.
QWhat is the difference in price between a wedding and a vow renewal package?
AThere is no difference. Elements of the package and cost remain the same whether you are celebrating a vow renewal or hosting a wedding ceremony.
QDo all of my guests need to have their cruise reservations booked before I can book my ceremony?
ANo. Only the couple's cruise reservation must be booked in order to book the ceremony. We recommend that your guests book as early as possible.
QWhat is the cost of a Disney Cruise Line celebration?
AThe cost of a wedding or vow renewal celebration will be added to the cost of your cruise vacation reservation.
  • Onboard ceremonies start at $4,000
  • Disney Castaway Cay ceremonies start at $6,000
QWhat deposits are required to begin planning?
A A 20% deposit will be due at the time of booking for both your vacation and wedding celebration.
QWhen is my final payment due?
AYour final payment date for the wedding package and the cruise vacation will be determined by the itinerary. Final payments can typically fall between 90 to 150 days prior to sailing depending on the itinerary. The exact date will be shared at the time of booking.
QCan I pay over time?
AYour cruise vacation, wedding package and any additional enhancements must be paid in full prior to sailing. You may make payments leading up to the final due date.
QCan I use Disney Gift Cards to pay for my wedding?
AYes. Disney Gift Cards should be consolidated prior to making payment. Please visit for more information.
QWhat is your cancellation or postponement policy?
AA Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings ceremony will be added as a package to your overall cruise reservation. Canceling the package, therefore, follows the same cancellation policy as your cruise reservation.
QOnce my ceremony is booked, how do I begin planning?
AWithin 2 to 3 business days of paying your deposit, a Disney Wedding Specialist will contact you to set the planning phase in motion and send you your Ceremony Planning Guide. This guide includes all of the details you'll need to create your very own fairy tale aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship. Your Disney Wedding Specialist will work with you every step of the way, planning all the details of your ceremony and answering any questions you may have.
QWhat else should I know about my Disney Cruise Line vacation or celebration?
APlease visit for a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Disney Wedding Specialist.
Ceremonies & Celebrations
QMay I choose the day and time of my ceremony?
AWe are happy to notate your request for a specific time; however, your ceremony date and time will be confirmed 45 days prior to sailing. Ceremony dates and times are preset and scheduled in accordance with other activities on board. At the sole discretion of the ship, dates and times can change due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, etc.
QIf I am having an onboard ceremony, may I choose my location?
AWe are happy to notate your request for a specific location; however, your ceremony location will be confirmed 45 days prior to sailing. At the sole discretion of the ship, locations can change due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, etc.
QHow long typically will a celebration last?
AOnboard celebrations typically last 45 minutes to one hour. Disney Castaway Cay celebrations typically last 1.5 to 2 hours.
QWho will perform the ceremony?
AA Disney Cruise Line senior officer will perform all onboard ceremonies. For Disney Castaway Cay ceremonies, a Bahamian government administrator will officiate. Should you choose to provide your own officiant, you may elect to do so. Please note that your own officiant must have a cruise reservation booked and will also be included in your overall guest count.
QIs the legal ceremony separate from the ceremony that takes place during my cruise vacation?
AYes. The legal aspects of the marriage, and the associated paperwork, should be filed separately in your home state.
QCan we provide a unity ceremony?
ADue to Disney Cruise Line safety guidelines and U.S. Customs regulations, these items cannot be included in your ceremony. We suggest alternative special touches such as asking a family or friend to read a poem or verse during the ceremony, playing a special song, or asking a family member to give the toast.
QMay we write our vows?
AYes. Couples have the option of reciting their own vows during the ceremony.
QCan I bring silk petals to toss?
ASilk petals may not be sprinkled at on-deck or at Disney Castaway Cay events in the best interest of the environment. Fresh rose petals are available as décor enhancement to your wedding package.
QWhat happens in the event of inclement weather during my celebration?
ASafety is the number one priority on board our Disney Cruise Line ships. In the case of inclement weather, your onboard wedding coordinator will find the best possible indoor location for the celebration. Your onboard coordinator will also notify all appropriate partners as well as notify them of any adjustments. It is important to note that the cruise staff will make every attempt to preserve the original plan and may simply adjust the time to create the best possible experience.
QWhen do I get to meet my onboard wedding coordinator?
AA meet-and-greet with your onboard wedding coordinator will be scheduled for the afternoon of Embarkation Day, once you have checked in at the terminal and boarded the ship. To ensure enough time to check in and board, please plan to arrive at the Disney Cruise Line terminal no later than 12:00 PM (noon).
QHow many guests may attend?
AEach wedding package is designed for 18 people, including the couple.
QIs there a charge for additional guests or vendors?
AShould you have more than 18 people attending (including the couple), a $20 per person fee will be applied to your final invoice. The fee will cover additional support, cake and champagne needed to preserve the integrity of the celebration. For parties larger than 50 people, special accommodations must be made with the ship; therefore, be sure to notify your Disney Wedding Specialist in advance.

Infants under the age of 3 are free of charge. It is important to note that any vendors such as photographers, officiants or videographers that are not hired through Disney Cruise Line will be considered additional guests.
QWhat options do I have if my wedding attire gets wrinkled while traveling?
ABasic dress/suit steaming is included in your wedding package. Simply bring your wedding attire to Guest Services once you board the ship and notify your onboard wedding coordinator that you have wedding attire being pressed. We do recommend that you hand carry your wedding attire on the ship. Onboard pressing is not recommended for certain materials such as silk or items with heavy beading.
QWhat photography and videography options are available through Disney Cruise Line?
AWhile photography is not a service included in our celebrations, we do offer separate photography packages. Pricing and options will be provided in your planning guide. Please note that your photography package must be selected prior to boarding the ship should you choose to add one. At this time, Disney Cruise Line does not offer videography packages.
QMay I bring my own photographer or videographer?
AYes. Should you choose to provide your own photographer or videographer, you may elect to do so. Please note that your vendors must have a cruise reservation booked and will also be included in your overall guest count.
QAm I able to book a post-cruise portrait session at a Walt Disney World Resort theme park?
AYes. Your Disney Wedding Specialist can provide more information and help you book your session with Disney Fine Art Photography.
QMay I customize my bouquet?
AOur bouquets have been selected for their lasting power and vibrancy as not all celebrations occur at the beginning of each sailing. To ensure that your flowers are as fresh as possible, we offer the bouquet choices showcased in the planning guide. In certain ports, upgrades are available. For a personal touch, we suggest providing your own pin or brooch which can be added to your bouquet on your wedding day.
QMay I add additional floral enhancements for my bridal party?
AYes. Additional floral and select décor can be added to your celebration. Certain floral will vary by port and seasonality. Additional options and pricing will be available in your planning guide.
QAre private character appearances available for my wedding celebration?
ACharacter appearances are based on availability and at the ships approval. Not all sailings offer availability. As with all private events, if available, Mickey and Minnie Mouse may not participate in the wedding ceremony, but can partake in your Cake & Champagne Celebration.
QWill hair and makeup services be available aboard the ship?
AYes. Senses Spa & Salon aboard the ship offers hair, makeup, massage and beauty services. The operating hours of the salon vary by ship. A limited number of appointments are available per sailing/per day. Your Disney Wedding Specialist will assist you in booking your hair and makeup services for your wedding day. Please visit for information about additional spa offerings.
Q Is it possible to order stateroom gifts for my guests?
AYes. Welcome gifts can be ordered in advance and will be delivered to all staterooms on embarkation day. You can view the available amenities by visiting Gifts and Amenities on and selecting “Browse by Departure Port”.
QMay I provide my own stateroom gifts?
AYes. You are responsible for transporting the items onto the ship. You will then work with your Disney Wedding Specialist and onboard coordinator to arrange delivery of your welcome gifts to your guests’ staterooms. There is a $2 charge per stateroom that will be billed to your onboard stateroom account.
QIs it possible to “register” for excursions or stateroom credits?
AYes. If you would like to share this information with friends and family, please have your guests visit Gifts and Amenities on in order to locate your reservation and add an amenity or onboard credit to your stateroom account. Select “Browse by Departure Port” to view all the available stateroom gifts and amenities available for your sailing.
QHow will I pay for any upgrades or enhancements?
AYour Disney Wedding Specialist will provide you with a final payment invoice to review 30 days prior to your sailing. Any upgrades or enhancements you’ve added will appear on this invoice.
Food & Beverage
QMay we add additional food and drink to our Cake & Champagne Celebration?
AYes. If you are looking to enhance your Cake & Champagne Celebration with additional refreshments, light bites or beverage packages, your Disney Wedding Specialist will provide curated menus for you.
QWe are having dinner immediately following the ceremony. May we have any leftover cake brought to dinner for us to enjoy for dessert?
ADue to health and safety regulations, we are not able to bring cake back into the dining room once it has left the galley; therefore, we are unable to serve leftover cake at dinner.
QMay I bring my own cake topper?
AYes. You may provide your own cake topper given that it is no larger than 6 inches in diameter and will rest atop the cake. No foreign objects may pierce the cake due to United States health code regulations aboard the ship.
QMay we invite our adult guests to join us during our dinner at Palo?
AYes. We can help reserve additional seats so that your family (adults only) may join you at dinner. There is an additional charge per adult to dine at Palo. Alcoholic beverages and service fees are extra. We also offer Palo’s private dining room for party sizes between 10 to 15 guests.
QThere are children joining us for the wedding celebration. Can they join us at Palo?
AFor the enjoyment of all of our adult guests, Palo is reserved for guests ages 18 and older and no exceptions can be made. If you would like to dine with your family on the evening of your celebration, we recommend enjoying the scheduled dining rotation for dinner. You can then schedule your Palo dinner on a different night during your sailing.
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