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An archway decorated with a floral wreath on a deck in front of the ocean as a cruise ship sails nearby

Cruise Weddings

QHow do I book my ceremony?
ABefore planning your wedding, you must have a cruise reservation. Please call Disney Cruise Line at 1-800-951-3532. To learn more about our cruise wedding collection, you can call Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings at 321-939-4610.
QDo all of my guests need to have their cruise reservations booked before I can book my ceremony?
ANo. Only the couple's cruise reservation must be booked in order to book the ceremony.
QIs a deposit required to book a ceremony?
AYes. A deposit is required to secure your ceremony and will be due at the time your Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings package is added to your Disney Cruise Line reservation.
QWhen is final payment due?
AFinal payment of ceremony packages will follow the same guidelines as cruise bookings.
QWhat is your cancellation or postponement policy?
AA Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings ceremony will be added as a package to your overall cruise reservation. Canceling the package, therefore, follows the same cancellation policy as your cruise reservation.
QOnce my ceremony is booked, how do I begin planning?
AWithin 2 to 3 business days of paying your deposit, a Disney Cruise Line Fairy Tale Weddings Services Manager will contact you to set the planning phase in motion and send you your Ceremony Planning Guide. This guide includes all of the details you'll need to create your very own fairy tale aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship. Your Disney Cruise Line Fairy Tale Weddings Services Manager will work with you every step of the way, planning all the details of your ceremony and answering any questions you may have.
QHow long will my event last?
AOnboard events last approximately 45 - 60 minutes. The breakdown is as follows:
  • Ceremony: approximately 15 minutes
  • Cake & Champagne Celebration: approximately 30 minutes
  • Photography: approximately 15 minutes (if you have added an optional Wedding Photography Package)

Events at Castaway Cay last approximately 90 - 120 minutes. The breakdown is as follows:
  • Beach Ceremony: approximately 15 minutes
  • Photography (on the beach and ship): approximately 30 minutes (if you have added an optional Wedding Photography Package)
  • Cake & Champagne Celebration (on the ship): 30 minutes plus travel time back to the ship

QWhen do I get to meet my onboard ceremony coordinator?
AA meet-and-greet with your onboard ceremony coordinator will be scheduled for the afternoon of Embarkation Day, once you have checked in at the terminal and boarded the ship. To ensure enough time to check in and board, please plan to arrive at the Disney Cruise Line terminal no later than 12:00 noon.
QIs the legal ceremony separate from my onboard or Castaway Cay ceremony?
AYes. Since our senior officers are not able to perform legal ceremonies, you will be legally married on the ship on Embarkation Day during your scheduled meet-and-greet with your onboard ceremony coordinator, before your Disney Cruise Line ship leaves its home port. Please note that civil ceremonies may not be available at certain international ports of call. Please check with your Wedding Services Manager for more details. You, the couple, will be responsible for obtaining and bringing the appropriate marriage license application with you to your meet-and-greet. Couples are also welcome to take care of the civil ceremony back home prior to sailing. If the couple is already legally married prior to their sailing, the civil ceremony is omitted from the scheduled meet-and-greet.
QMay I choose the day and time of my ceremony?
ACeremony dates and times are predetermined and scheduled in accordance with other activities occurring onboard. Your event date, time and location will be confirmed 45 days prior to sailing. Please note that your ceremony date, time and/or location may change as a result of unforeseen circumstances, such as weather, at the discretion of the ship.
QIf I am having an onboard ceremony, may I choose my location?
AYou are welcome to request a specific location, but, ultimately, your ceremony location will be booked based on group size and venue availability. This will be confirmed by Disney Cruise Line approximately 45 days prior to your sail date.
QIf my ceremony is scheduled to take place in an outdoor location, what happens if it rains?
AThe main concern of Disney Cruise Line is safety. In the case of inclement weather, your Onboard Wedding Coordinator will find the best-possible location for your wedding and Cake & Champagne Celebration and notify all appropriate parties to let them know that the location has changed. Your Wedding Coordinator will select an indoor area onboard the ship. Please be advised that no refunds will be issued due to inclement weather.
QWhat if I have more guests than the number included in my ceremony package?
AThis base price includes 16 guests but celebrate with more friends and family by adding $20 per additional guest age 3 and older.
QWhat if I have more than 50 guests?
APlease contact us regarding ceremonies with guest counts above 50. A special request will be sent to Disney Cruise Line to check for availability.
QWho will perform my ceremony?
ADisney Cruise Line senior officers perform all onboard ceremonies, and Bahamian administrators (government officials) perform all Castaway Cay ceremonies.
QMay we bring our own officiant?
AYes, but the officiant must also have a cruise reservation booked for your sailing.
QMay we write our vows?
AYes. Couples have the option of reciting their own vows during the ceremony.
QMay we include a sand ceremony or unity candle as part of our ceremony?
ADue to Disney Cruise Line safety guidelines and U.S. Customs regulations, these items, unfortunately, cannot be included in your ceremony.
QI notice that photography is not included in my package. May I schedule a photographer for my event?
AWhile photography is not included in your ceremony package, we do offer special photography packages for ceremonies at an additional cost. Package options will be listed in your planning kit. Ceremony photography packages must be ordered prior to your sailing in order for a photographer to be present at your ceremony. The photographer is present during your ceremony and the Cake & Champagne Celebration, capturing both candid and group shots of your party. Following your Cake & Champagne Celebration, the photographer will take the happy couple around the ship for additional photos.
QMay we bring our own photographer?
AYes, but the photographer must also have a cruise reservation booked for your sailing.
QDoes the ship offer videography services?
AUnfortunately, this is not a service currently offered by Disney Cruise Line. You are welcome to bring your own camcorder and tripod if you would like to record your ceremony. Please note that Disney Cruise Line crew members may not operate your video equipment for you.
QWe love Mickey and Minnie! Can they act as Best Man and Maid of Honor at our ceremony?
ADisney Characters are not available to participate in ceremonies, but, based on limited availability, they may be able to make an appearance at your Cake & Champagne Celebration afterward at an additional cost. Please contact your Wedding Services Manager for further information and pricing.
QWe are having dinner immediately following the ceremony. Can we have the cake brought to dinner that evening?
ANo. Due to USPH Food Safety Guidelines, once your wedding cake leaves the galley it is not permitted to be brought back in.
QI've heard that Palo is for adults only. The children in our wedding party are teenagers and very well-behaved. Will they be able to join us for our Palo dinner?
AFor the enjoyment of all of our adult guests, Palo is reserved for Guests ages 18 and older only. Unfortunately, no exceptions to this policy will be made. If you would like to enjoy a family dining experience on the night of your ceremony, you may attend your regular dining rotation that night and schedule your intimate Palo dining experience for two on another evening.
QMay I customize my bouquet?
ANo. The bouquets we offer were chosen for their staying power and vibrancy, as some events don't take place until the 7th day of the voyage. To ensure that your bouquet is as fresh and beautiful as possible, we offer only the bouquet choices listed in your planning guide.
QAre there floral options for our bridal party?
AYes, please refer to the Elements & Enhancements document for options to purchase additional floral for your bridal party.
QCan I bring silk petals to toss?
ASilk petals may not be sprinkled at on-deck events in the interest of ocean preservation. Likewise, silk petals may not be tossed on Castaway Cay due to environmental concerns.
QHow do I book hair appointments for the day of my ceremony?
AYour Wedding Services Manager can assist you in booking hair appointments. More information is provided in your planning guide. Please note: Hair appointments are at an additional cost and may not be pre-paid. They will instead be charged to your onboard stateroom account. The number of hair appointment times available may vary due to the salon's operating hours and your ceremony time.
QCan I have my makeup done for my ceremony?
AUnfortunately, the salons on Disney Cruise Line ships are not full-service salons and therefore do not offer makeup services.
QHow should I transport my wedding dress to the ship, and what should I do if it gets wrinkled?
AThe best suggestion we can offer is to keep your dress with you. Some airlines will allow you to hang your dress somewhere inside the plane cabin. You can also call the airline ahead of time and let them know that you will be bringing a garment bag with you on the airplane. If your dress does get a bit wrinkled or if you just want to look crisp on your wedding day, basic dress steaming is included in your package, though it is not recommended for gowns made of silk or ones that include intricate beading detail.
QCan I pre-order stateroom gifts for my guests?
AYes. They can be ordered at under Planning Center, Gifts & Amenities. Gifts are prepaid shoreside prior to your sailing and are delivered to guests' staterooms on Embarkation Day.
QIf I bring my own stateroom gifts for my guests, can they be delivered to my guests' staterooms by a Disney Cruise Line staff member?
AYes. You can arrange for the delivery of your gifts through your Wedding Services Manager before you sail. Gifts are delivered to your guests' staterooms by DCL Housekeeping on the first night of the cruise. A $2.00-per-stateroom delivery fee will be charged to your onboard stateroom account. Please note: Bottles of liquid more than 6 ounces may not be included in your gift bags. Sample sizes (excluding alcohol), however, are welcome!
QWhat else should I know about my Disney Cruise Line vaction or wedding?
APlease visit the following website:
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