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Adventure Honeymoons

Embark united on an unforgettable experience on an Adventures By Disney vacation! Be part of a small group led by 2 Adventure Guides through unique encounters in exotic locales. Create lasting memories curated by Disney to destinations around the world. Delve into the mysteries of the rainforest. Discover the history behind medieval castles. Head out on safari or venture into the outback. Whatever your quest, there's excitement awaiting! Plus, adult-exclusive vacations are also available—ideal for active and adventurous honeymooners like you.


Set off through bush country on a "Big Five" safari in South Africa or experience thousands of years of Egyptian traditions on a Nile River Cruise.

What's Your Dream Disney Honeymoon? Explore Africa Itineraries or call (321) 939-4610 (Option 2) to book your trip.

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Walk along China’s massive Great Wall or make authentic Japanese bento boxes at a local cooking school. Glide down the Mekong River Delta past floating markets as purveyors hawk their wares, then enter the ancient temples of Cambodia's Angkor Wat.

What's Your Dream Disney Honeymoon? Explore Asia Pacific or call (321) 939-4610 (Option 2) to book your trip.

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Experience the charm and breathtaking beauty of Latin America’s Central and Southern regions.

Travel aboard an expedition cruise and set foot on unspoiled land in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands and learn the way of life for indigenous natives of the Amazon. Glide high above a lush Costa Rican rainforest canopy on a suspended gondola ride!

Discover the archeological ruins of Peru’s Machu Picchu and unearth stories of the amazing Incan empire.

Guests can also visit a land filled with natural and cultural diversity with the Colombia trip. Located in the northwest region of South America, you’ll see stunning landscapes ranging from the Andes Mountains to the coastal Caribbean. With its art, music, dance and food, it’s no wonder Colombia provided Waltinspiration for bringing the magical Madrigal family to life in the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award®-winning film, Encanto.

When planning a honeymoon destination, consider Central or South America for an adventurous romantic vacation!

What's Your Dream Disney Honeymoon? Explore Central and South American Itineraries or call (321) 939-4610 (Option 2) to book your trip.

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Fall in love all over again on a romp through Europe's storied cities, coastal villages and sweeping countrysides. From Iceland to Italy and just about everywhere in between—come along with Adventures by Disney for a completely unique European vacation. 

When in Rome, visit the Vatican after-hours for a private tour of the museum and Sistine Chapel—including an intimate look at Michelangelo's masterpiece. Roll like royalty—explore a fairy tale castle and set out by horse-drawn carriage. On Santorini, take in the views from a volcano against the brilliant blue Aegean Sea. For Impressionist art fans, visit the home of master painter Claude Monet in Giverny. Or see a historic place of past epic weddings on a privately guided tour of London's famed Westminster Abbey.

What's Your Dream Disney Honeymoon? Explore Europe Itineraries or call (321) 939-4610 (Option 2) to book your trip.

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Realize what these great United States have to offer right here at home.

For jaw-dropping beauty, hike to Utah's iconic water-sculpted sandstone landmark in Arches National Park. When in Wyoming, do as the locals do—saddle up for horseback riding and learn to rope from real cowboys at Brooks Lake. Or journey to Alaska—America's last frontier—and go on a float trip, getting within gawking distance of the glaciers of Spencer Lake, and then afterwards, partake in an authentic Alaskan salmon bake.

Whatever your fancy—from sea to shining sea—there's something special about a honeymoon in North America when arranged by Adventures By Disney.

What's Your Dream Disney Honeymoon? Explore North American Itineraries or call (321) 939-4610 (Option 2) to book your trip.
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Relish a Food & Wine itinerary aboard a stately ship—an amazing way to experience an Adventures By Disney trip. Delight in a honeymoon sailing through the heart of Europe on adult-exclusive itineraries.

Take a fun-filled Oktoberfest cruise along the Danube. Test your discriminating palates at an onboard beer-tasting. Join a brew crawl in a trendy old part of town called the "ruin pubs." Visit a historic monastery with a brewery blessed with amazing suds! Then again, if you'd prefer wine, choose an epicurean river cruise on the Rhine. Explore medieval wine caves and cellars of famous vintners. Indulge in culinary events—from wine-tasting to macaron-making! And every evening, feast on incredible offerings in regional cuisine.

What's Your Dream Disney Honeymoon? Explore River Cruise Itineraries or call (321) 939-4610 (Option 2) to book your trip. 

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Travel by expedition cruise to the warm Adriatic region and Galápagos islands where you’ll discover natural beauty paired with incomparable histories.

Delve into the past of the ancient Adriatic located on the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe. Known for its stunningly clear seas and golden beaches, this coastal region boasts unique foods, time-honored architecture and divergent cultures directly influenced by the Greeks, Romans and Venetians.

Explore the diverse islands and ecosystems of the Galápagos Archipelago where you’ll encounter the pristine beauty of this equatorial region––and meet its many inhabitants. Get up close with the many endemic species, including marine iguanas, Galápagos penguins, fur seals and many more.

What's Your Dream Disney Honeymoon? Explore Expedition Cruise Itineraries or call (321) 939-4610 (Option 2) to book your trip. 

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Make sure your honeymoon is the one of your dreams! Discover tips, advice and pointers to help make this your most memorable trip.
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