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The Wishes Collection

Wishes Collection

Create the perfect ambience for your ceremony and reception by filling the air with music that will distinguish your day and make it as special and memorable as you are.


Soloists, Duets & Trios
Make your event really sing with musical performances by talented musicians familiar with Disney songs as well as many classical and popular compositions.
  • Flutist – Lend a light and lively tone to your celebration with a flutist.
  • Violinist – Fill the air with the graceful and classically elegant strains of a virtuoso violinist.
  • Guitarist – Add an acoustic guitarist to your wedding for a warm, melodic sound.
  • Vocalist – Bring personality and stage presence to the performance with a solo vocalist.
  • Harpist – Bestow a heavenly atmosphere upon your wedding with the dulcet tones of a harpist.
  • Guitar and Flute Duo – Combine the gentle strum of a guitar and the light melody of a flute for a folksy sound.
  • Harp and Flute Duo – Joyful, melodic and magical, a harp-and-flute pairing create a sweet sound that would be at home in a fairy tale.
  • Harp and Guitar Duo – 2 wonderful string instruments, harp and guitar, play off each other and are engaging to watch.

Orchestras & Bands
Get the party jumping with ensemble musicians playing a wide range of musical styles to mesh with your tastes as well as the theme of your wedding.
  • String Quartet – Give your wedding a traditionally refined and full-bodied sound with 2 violinists, one violist and a cellist.
  • Live Band – Choose a live band for your wedding and uplift your guests with energetic music and romantic dance songs.
  • Big-Band Orchestra – Add a jazzy swing bound to inspire retro-style fancy footwork with a 6-piece orchestra.
  • Contemporary Dance Band – Liven up your wedding and get people on the floor with the modern sounds of popular dance music.
  • Country and Western Band – Give your celebration a down-home all-American feel with the timeless sounds of the heartland.
  • Mariachi Cobre Band – This authentic 11-piece mariachi band has performed with renowned orchestras across the United States, most recently, with the Boston Pops. Lauded in particular for their vocal talents, this nationally recognized ensemble will entertain your guests with the exhilarating rhythms and lively sounds of Mexican folkloric music.
  • DJ – Mix up the music at your wedding by choosing a DJ to spin all of your favorite songs.
  • Bagpiper – Pay tribute to your clan with the unique Scots sounds of a traditional bagpiper.
  • Key West-Style Guitarist – Feel like you're already on your honeymoon with the tropical sounds of the Florida Keys during your ceremony or reception.

Disney Characters
Make your reception most definitely Disney and delight guests of all ages by adding an appearance by some of your favorite Disney pals. Select from a variety of Disney Characters, including Mickey and Minnie, and ask your Disney Wedding Coordinator about other character options available. Whomever you choose, their attendance is sure to cause a stir and make for wonderful photo opportunities. Choose up to 2 Disney Characters, bookable in 30-minute increments*

*Disney Characters subject to availability. Specific Characters may not be available.
Give your event even more character with appearances by actors playing the part, whether it's to make you feel like a real royal couple or to crack up your guests. Fireworks and confetti add to the extravaganza.
  • Major Domo – A Renaissance-costumed Major Domo from Disney's Cinderella will act as your ring bearer and carry your rings down the aisle in a glass slipper. Truly magical!
  • English Butler – A distinguished English butler, clad in a proper hat and tails, will present your rings on a silver platter. "Veddy well, sir."
  • Herald Trumpeter – Add much-deserved fanfare to your wedding with the regal sounds of a herald trumpeter.
  • Herald Trumpeter Duo – Announce your arrival in grand royal style with 2 herald trumpeters in medieval garb.
  • Private Fireworks – Rocket your wedding into the stratosphere and splash the night sky with your own private fireworks display! (Select locations only)
  • Confetti Cannons – Celebrate your union with the colorful bursts of confetti cannons. (Select locations only)
  • Tacky Tourists – These wacky, fun-loving Disney fanatics know everything about Disney and will entertain your guests and liven up your reception.
  • Uninvited Wedding Guests – You left them off your guest list for a reason, but they showed up anyway! This humorous, polyester-clad husband and wife will mingle with your guests, performing side-splitting improvisational comedy.

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