Living Seas Salon

A long table holding several vases of flowers, candles, water glasses and champagne flutes

UNDERSEA ENCHANTMENT Dance the night away while over 6,000 sea creatures representing more than 65 species swim by a wall of large panoramic windows to the delight and amazement of your guests.

MYSTERIOUS AND TRULY MAGICAL Plumb the depths of your love with a splashy event staged in a unique underwater setting that ocean lovers will hardly be able to fathom: a handsomely appointed salon that looks upon a 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium teeming with marine life.
  • A wall of floor-to-ceiling Plexiglas windows creates the illusion of being submerged under the waves, enabling sea life to swim past your reception, leaving guests in awe.
  • A rich wood interior with soft overhead lighting creates a warm, intimate feel while deep blues and greens echo the ocean theme of this contemporary ship-like space.
  • A multileveled floor plan allows for separate areas where guests can mingle and enjoy the ambience during a cocktail reception before moving onto their meal.

BRINGING YOUR DREAM WEDDING TO LIFE Loving this venue? Here are some important details to consider when planning your special day.
  • Choose between a buffet or plated menu.
  • Events at this venue include themed linens, tables and chairs that suit the venue, as well as a themed and integrated decorative bar.
  • Smaller breakout rooms connected to the Living Seas provide an excellent option for a children’s party.
  • Disney chartered transportation is required for this venue.
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"You're the one, the one that I've been looking for."
– The Little Mermaid
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