In honor of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings 30th anniversary, we’ll be looking back at past weddings. Reliving the magic, romance and finding inspiration! Today we’re highlighting Kaitlyn and Rex’s wedding hosted at the Japan Courtyard in EPCOT in December of 2019. 

Kaitlyn and Christian were high school sweethearts and after a picture-perfect proposal at Disneyland, they were ready to plan their dream wedding at Walt Disney World. 

The couple kicked off their wedding festivities with a dessert party at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Marina. “It was so special, it was just a kickstart to what was to come the next morning.” 

We love welcome parties! Because typically you and your guests have traveled from many places to get to Walt Disney World, dessert parties are a great way to welcome your guests and get into the wedding spirit. 

The couple and their wedding party stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter. Prior to heading to EPCOT for their wedding ceremony, they did an intimate first look on the grounds of the resort. 

If you’re open to a first look, we think this is a really great option for your wedding day. It allows for you and your partner to connect and share a special moment without all your guests and wedding party around. It also creates extra time in your schedule so there’s more time throughout your day to slow down and enjoy. 

“When I watched Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings on Disney+ I loved the idea of getting married at Disney, just the idea of being in the park when no one else is there but you and your closest family and friends is so surreal I had to have that. And just the Disney magic and detail involved in all of it was very appealing.”

It's true! We have over 50 venues at Walt Disney World, many of them being inside the Disney Parks. You and your guests can witness Disney like only a few ever will. It’s a totally immersive and one-of-a-kind experience.

Kaitlyn and Christian chose the Japan Pavilion at EPCOT for their wedding ceremony. Not only is it a stunning backdrop it also held significance for the couple. “We picked the Bonsai Promenade because we both come from a Japanese background, Chris is a whole 1/8 Japanese but my mother is Japanese and we love our cultural background and love the Japan Pavilion for its aesthetic (I honestly think it’s the prettiest of all the countries).”

“Though I’m a huge Disney fan, I never envisioned it like most Disney brides I’ve seen, I’m not a “princess girl”, I love moody vibes, and modern touches." We loved Kaitlyn and Christian’s wedding vision! Whatever your fairy tale is, we want to help bring it to life.