When it comes to planning the perfect reception, the wedding cake is one of our favorite elements! This sweet treat is a classic tradition and helps to tie the entire celebration together. With so many options and flavors available, it can be difficult to make a decision. Thankfully, with the Escape Collection at Walt Disney World, making the right choice is easy! Our talented bakery put together a selection of delightful 2-tiered cakes ranging in a variety to flavors, fillings and icing. Choose from one of our five classic styles featuring intricate piping or fondant draping: 

  • Mickey's Delight
  • Elegant Scrolls 
  • Petite Nouveau
  • Lady Catherine
  • Roses and Drapes

If you are looking for an additional touch of magic, each elegant style can be enhanced with options like fresh floral decor and whimsical designs! You can even add a bit of personalization with your own cake topper. Not to mention, these cakes taste as good as they look! 

Images courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography