Rachel and Zac's wedding day at Walt Disney World Resort was full of love, laughter and of course, a happily ever after. From the romantic handwritten letters to their adorable portrait session at the Magic Kingdom, you can tell these two are madly in love by their gleaming smiles.

The beginning of the pairs love story started on an online dating site when Zac charmed his way into her heart with a cheesy pick-up line. Hesitant at first, she agreed to meet up with him a few weeks later, and from that moment on they were in inseparable. With his "goofball" personality and her "serious" attitude - the two balance each other out perfectly. 

After only six months of dating, they both knew they were meant to be, and decided to tie the knot. Without being engaged or telling anyone in their families, the two got married at a courthouse, and Rachel continued to dream that one day she would have her own fairy tale wedding.

That dream became her reality with an intimate Wishes Collection wedding at Walt Disney World Resort. Rachel shared an adorable father/daughter "first look" before riding off in a horse-drawn landau coach to marry the man of her dreams. She looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress walking down the aisle at Disney's Wedding Pavilion. The day ended with a fun reception at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and a visit from two very special guests! 

Images courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography