Emily and Joseph met through mutual friends when they were both stationed together in the Marines. These service members were inseparable once they became a pair and worked through many tough times because of their long distance relationship. Several years ago, Emily decided to run the Marine Corps Marathon and at the last moment, Joseph was able to join as well. After the race, they were waiting for the shuttles back to the hotel when he pulled her back for a moment. They were both hurting from the run, so when Joseph got down on one knee, she thought it was for a rest. Emily shared, "Everything just froze for me because I had no idea what he said...all I remember is nodding and trying to help him get off his knee."

The couple was planning a traditional wedding to please their friends and family, but while sitting on the couch one day, a commercial for Disney came on and Emily joked that they should have a Disney wedding. Joseph instantly agreed (to her surprise!), and they decided to throw everything into planning a Walt Disney World wedding and honeymoon. They chose an intimate wedding at Luau Beach witnessed by their parents. The bride shared, "Why stress over having to find locations for ceremony and reception, making sure the food is perfect, the flowers get there, etc. Have a wedding that caters to you and your significant other. Choosing a Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding was the best decision of our lives."

Images courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography