It's always an easy choice to go with your signature scent. I get it - you're comfortable wearing it, you like the way it smells and you already own it. But why not switch it up? Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to splurge and treat yourself- so go ahead, buy something pretty.

Consider wearing an entirely new scent "“ maybe one you've always liked, but that just didn't feel right for everyday use. That way, using the new scent after your big day will trigger memories from your wedding. And don't be afraid to customize your perfume to match the season- spring and summer weddings are perfect for fresh and fruity aromas, whereas stronger or spicier scents complement winter and fall. Another sentimental option I love is to wear a perfume that your partner once bought you as a gift.

I always recommend experimenting with your new scent before the actual day. Keep in mind that perfumes smell differently on each person- so don't make a choice based on what a friend wore or recommends. As always, make the choice that's right for you and I know you'll smell as beautiful as you look.