It's one of the most difficult subjects to talk about, but whether you are spending $100,000 or $5,000 everyone has one- a budget. Here's the good news- budgets don't have to be scary. One of the very first things you should do in the planning process is talk about what you can afford to spend on your happily-ever-after. You don't need an exact number at initial stab; a ballpark figure will most definitely do when you are in the early stages of planning.
The one thing I always tell couples is choose what is important to you. For example, if photos are key but you're not much of a foodie, splurge on a great photog and skim back on your catering budget. Remember to take a deep breath, relax and know that whatever your budget may be the most important thing on your big day is that you're marrying your one true love. 'B'est,