Professional wedding photographers are a must on your big day, but when it comes to the honeymoon you probably want a little more privacy. Thanks to Instagram and other popular photo sharing apps, the power to capture beautiful photo memories is right in the palm of your hand. You've most likely already mastered the art of the selfie, but I'm dishing a few of my favorite helpful tips to keep in mind while on vacation:

  1. Snap it. Always use your phone's camera instead of the camera provided in most photo apps. Your photos will be clearer and you can capture more than one shot. Be sure to take multiple photos so you can pick the best from the batch.  

  2. Focus and find the light. Focus your photo by tapping on the object or person that you want to be the center of attention. Natural lighting usually produces the best photo, so keep that in mind when you're finding your focus. Don't forget to take off your sunglasses so you can see the lighting accurately.

  3. Watch out for the zoom. Zooming from far away can ruin the quality of your photo. To fix this, you need to get a little closer to that picturesque scene you're trying to document. If you just can't seem to get up out of the hammock - no worries! Take the photo from right there and then later use the zoom tool in your photo app.

  4. Filter it up. Play with Instagram filters or download an affordable filter app. Spice up your photo by twisting the angle and adding text or fun stickers. You can also make a collage to display multiple adventures from your honeymoon in one quick post.

  5. Live in the moment. It's fun to scope out the perfect Instagram photo, but don't spend too much time worrying about it. Make sure to unplug and enjoy your honeymoon!

PS- Selfies are great, but don't be afraid to ask a stranger to snap your photo. You'll be thankful you did so not all of your photos include someone's reaching arm.

Say cheese,