We're live from the Cinderella Castle Suite kicking off our Royal Sleepover! Stayed tuned to this post because we'll be updating it every 15 minutes- until the clock strikes midnight of course! In true fairy tale fashion, we'll be leaving the Cinderella Castle Suite at midnight to head down to Magic Kingdom and then over to Disney's Wedding Pavilion to prepare for the arrival of our Guests. We just left Franck's Bridal Studio

This glass slipper was the same slipper that Scarlett Johansson used in her Disney Parks Cinderella Ad appearance!

Could this chandelier be any more gorgeous?!

We are drooling over this towel glass slipper!

We're too excited to sleep, but if we were getting some shut eye this would be the perfect place to rest our heads!

Cinderella was invited to the ball and she lost her glass slipper when the clock struck midnight. Jacques and Gus Gus rescued her from the attic and she lived in the Castle happily-ever-after! So goes the story of the parlor...

No Royal Sleepover is complete without official Royal Wedding doughnuts!

We had so much fun in the Cinderella Castle Suite! We are headed over to Disney's Wedding Pavilion for our Royal Wedding viewing party!