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For the Groom: New Suits

Guys, if you need a little inspiration for the big day don't worry- I've got you covered! Lately, I've been really into suspenders and bow ties and I'm even warming up to the geek-chic tr...SEE MOREabout For the Groom: New Suits


I Do, To-Do

You're engaged- now what? Whether you received a tiny box under the Christmas tree or you've been engaged for awhile, the first steps of planning can be overwhelming! Sure you've got tha...SEE MOREabout I Do, To-Do


Real Couple Spotlight: Philip & Christy

It's always extra special when one of our own says "I do"- especially when they choose to do it where they work! I actually had the pleasure of attending Philip & Christy's wedding an...SEE MOREabout Real Couple Spotlight: Philip & Christy


Honeymoon Myth: Immediate Departure

Traditionally, couples left for their honeymoon immediately following the reception. Here's the good news: you can honeymoon whenever you want! Be it three days or one year later, when yo...SEE MOREabout Honeymoon Myth: Immediate Departure


Wedding Cake Wednesday: Pretty in Pink

Broaches and pink ribbon bows- need I say more? This fabulously unique cake is sure to bring out the girly-girl in everyone... Image courtesy of David & Vicky Arndt Have a delicio...SEE MOREabout Wedding Cake Wednesday: Pretty in Pink

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