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Things We Love: Minted

One of my favorite parts of the season is picking out my family's holiday card. As I was searching for the perfect fit last night, I stumbled upon Minted- and let me tell you, I'm smitten...SEE MOREabout Things We Love: Minted


Let Down Your Gown

Chances are you probably aren't wearing your mother's wedding dress, which means your daughter probably won't be wearing your wedding dress. Aside from the few exceptions to the rule, mos...SEE MOREabout Let Down Your Gown


Real Couple Spotlight: Christina & Ransen

It's hard to imagine anything more picturesque than the island of Maui where Christina and Ransen were born and raised. But after taking a look at their wedding photos, I'd say Disneyland...SEE MOREabout Real Couple Spotlight: Christina & Ransen


A Bride's Christmas Tree

According to an old Victorian tradition, the tree of a newlywed couple should include 12 ornaments to help ensure a life full of happiness. Often referred to as a "bride's tree" these ...SEE MOREabout A Bride's Christmas Tree


Wedding Cake Wednesday: The Muppets

I took my boys to see Disney's "The Muppets" this weekend, and we had an absolute blast! Since the Muppets have been top of mind for me, I thought it would be fitting to share a wedding c...SEE MOREabout Wedding Cake Wednesday: The Muppets

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