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Wediquette 101- Who Pays?

Traditionally, a bride's parents were responsible for funding the majority of wedding expenses. Fast-forward to today, and it's safe to say things have changed quite a bit. Nowadays, coup...SEE MOREabout Wediquette 101- Who Pays?


Laniwai Spa: After Hours Princess Party

We hosted some of our bridal industry friends while we were at Aulani for LIVE! with Kelly, so I wanted to make sure we did something extra special during their stay. I thought long and ...SEE MOREabout Laniwai Spa: After Hours Princess Party


Real Wedding Spotlight: Eric & Jenny

Eric and Jenny's first kiss had a special twist of magic and wonder- the Disney Wonder, that is! The couple met onboard the ship when they were seated at the same table. After a perfect ...SEE MOREabout Real Wedding Spotlight: Eric & Jenny


Aisle Say: Custom Runner

Since returning from Hawaii, I've been getting tons of inquiries about the one-of-a-kind aisle runner we used on LIVE! with Kelly. The custom design is actually hand drawn and painted by ...SEE MOREabout Aisle Say: Custom Runner


Save the Date Pencils

Martha Stewart Weddings recently posted about save the date pencils- and I simply had to share! Accompany these bunches with a card that says "pencil us in" and you've got a one-of-a-kind...SEE MOREabout Save the Date Pencils

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