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Keep Calm and Shop On

A holiday all about shopping? Yes, please! Whether you're standing in a long line before store open or surfing for online deals in your PJ's, I hope you have a safe Black Friday (and cro...SEE MOREabout Keep Calm and Shop On


Happy Thanksgiving, Jewels

May your holiday be filled with good food, joy and most importantly love. Wishing you a safe and healthy Thanksgiving- from our family to yours! Gobble gobble, SEE MOREabout Happy Thanksgiving, Jewels


Wedding Cake Wednesday: Pilgrim Pies

Thanksgiving is all about sharing- so this week I'm sharing a delicious pumpkin cookie recipe I found from our friends over at Spoonful. These ooey gooey cookies are filled with fluffy cr...SEE MOREabout Wedding Cake Wednesday: Pilgrim Pies


It's Alive- the Groomzilla

I recently received a question from one of our Jewels about what to do when you think your groom is turning into a groomzilla. Remember: although it's all about the bride, it's HIS day to...SEE MOREabout It's Alive- the Groomzilla


Real Wedding Spotlight: Becca & Andy

Becca and Andy's love story is reminiscent of a modern day fairy tale - meeting when the two least expected. After a year of sentimental moments and romantic dates, Andy popped the questi...SEE MOREabout Real Wedding Spotlight: Becca & Andy

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