When I first came across photos from Peter & Jen's Disneyland wedding, my heart melted. When I found out the couple affectionately calls themselves PB&J, my heart was forever there's. Peter & Jen are one of the warmest, most genuine couples you will ever meet- their love is simply intoxicating. I am honored (and giddy) to announce that they will be joining existing Walt Disney World couple Kristen & Greg in our Bringing the Fairy Tale to Life campaign! Be on the lookout for Tuesday's post- I'll be revealing their stunning Disneyland ad, testimonials and more. To tide you over until then, you'll find photos below from PB&J's incredible Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding. Please join me in welcoming this fun-loving duo to our family! A big thank you to the delightful Ari Simphoukham for allowing me to share PB&J's special day!