To change or not to change- that is the question. Always a topic for debate, whether or not a bride takes her husband's last name is truly a personal preference.
Knowledge is power, so today I'm sharing some of the most common practices:
  1. Taking your husband's last name. To many women, this symbolizes a new beginning and the creation of a new family. Many women feel proud to be able to take on the last name of their new husband.
  2. Keeping your maiden name. Some women feel their maiden name carries a history or legacy and just don't feel right letting it go. Others legally change their last name but professionally go by their maiden name.
  3. Hyphenating your last names. As respect to their family and to their husband's family, some newlyweds chose to hyphenate their last name. A new tradition takes that a step further as some brides are beginning to combine one half of their last name with one half of their husband's last name to make a new last name.
No matter what you chose, always remember you have the adoration and affection of your one true love- no matter your last name. I want to hear from you- what did you opt to do with your name after saying "I do"?