Lights, camera, action! It may seem silly that I am offering some helpful hints on posing for your wedding photos- but trust me ladies- you only get one chance to get it right! It's important to be prepared, comfortable and informed before you step in front of the camera so you can relax and walk away with dynamite wedding photos.
When you've been in the weddings industry for as long as I have, you've seen a thing or two- and I'd like to pass those tips onto you. Here are my top three tips to keep in mind when posing on your big day.
  1. Let your dress down! If you have a train it's probably going to get dirty. But don't worry; there are plenty of cleaners that specialize in wedding gowns! Let your dress drag on the ground for your ceremony and photos- worry about cleaning it after your big day.
  2. Keep your bouquet low. As a rule of thumb, your bouquet should be bellybutton height.
  3. Live in the moment and trust your photographer. A pose may feel awkward to you, but you need to trust that what your photographer sees is translating correctly on film. You may need to push outside your comfort zone to get a stunning shot.