You always hear about couples surprising each other on their wedding day- but what about the couple surprising their wedding guests? Elissa and Matt did just that and in a very bright and colorful way. After a wedding reception at Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Pavilion, the couple led their guests throughout Downtown Disney like a fun wedding parade to the surprise "after party" location.

Their guests cheered and clapped and guessed of what was to come until they finally arrived at their destination- the magnificent World of Color show in Disney California Adventure. Everyone was stunned at how the images of Disney characters came to life on a veil of mist while water danced and pyrotechnics exploded. Elissa and Matt loved seeing their guests' faces light up while basking in their first newlywed moments together. 

For more information on your own private viewing area for Disneyland's World of Color, be sure to ask your Disney wedding planner.
Images courtesy of White Rabbit Photo Boutique