Tanya and Yamma's relationship first began with Disney. They both attended a midnight screening of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which led to a Facebook friend request, a first date and now...an engagement! Yamma proposed by creating a series of 12 videos, one for each month of their first year together, and the final video instructed Tanya to turn around to find him behind her on one knee. 

It's no surprise these two describe their relationships in Disney terms: Goofy, Dopey and Happy! They wanted to capture all their happiest moments in their "home away from home" which led to this adorable portrait session in Disneyland. Although the parks are full of magic all year long, Halloween is definitely their favorite. The wonderful seasonal decor, the oodles of delicious treats and the spooky fun atmosphere - what's not to love? 

Images Courtesy of White Rabbit Photo Boutique