Nestled in the Bahamas lies Disney’s own private island, Castaway Cay, where Wedding Pointe awaits couples to begin their happily ever after. With towering palm trees shaping the venue and serene water stretching beyond the eyes can see, it makes a perfect backdrop for a secluded yet breathtaking Disney wedding ceremony.

Mikayla and Casey recently married aboard the Disney Cruise Line at Castaway Cay’s Wedding Pointe, where a stunning flower arch set the scene for their vows.

Mikayla and Casey met eleven years ago during their time in college. Casey asked all of the girls in Mikayla’s class out to lunch and Mikayla was the only one that showed up, the rest was history! When it was time for Casey to propose, they decided to cruise with the Disney Magic. During the sail away party they snuck down to deck 4 and while sitting on one of the yellow benches, asked each other to spend the rest of their lives together.

It’s time for them to begin planning their Disney fairy tale wedding. Mikayla and Casey’s vision for their wedding was to be able to bring together all the different people in their lives to have an experience and vacation they would never forget. “We didn’t want a stressful wedding process and knew we could trust Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to make that dream come true. Disney made it SUPER EASY to plan, their guide is simple, but also allows you to customize when you want to. They take care of all the details and really work to make the day you want become reality.”