Today I'm sharing photos of decor inspired by one of my most favorite attractions: The Haunted Mansion. Our Disneyland florist created this stunning cocktail lounge with all of the vintage beauty of the Mansion, but without any of the horror and thrills! We arranged a purple velvet loveseat and oversized chairs to serve as the perfect combination of comfort and chic. The antique armoire enhanced the elegant style of the lounge and provided ample space for additional decor.

Following a color scheme of lilac and purple, floral displays of roses, hydrangeas and lilies were placed around the area to add color to the contrasting furniture. Dramatic candleholders, a mirrored box and candy goblets help bring the mysterious aura of the mansion to the lounge without any chance of an unexpected séance! Although, I can't promise that Madame Leota and her ghostly friends won't insist on dropping by...or following you home.

Images courtesy of White Rabbit Photo Boutique

Happy haunts,