Once upon a time, 16 years ago, a place offering classic romantic splendor mixed with touches of Disney magic was built. This place was the first permanent wedding destination at Walt Disney World Resort and was christened with a ceremony that aired on Lifetime Television as part of its "Weddings of a Lifetime" series. Disney's Wedding Pavilion would grow to become Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding's crown jewel. The charisma and charm of Disney's Wedding Pavilion is second to none- it often conjures up wedding memories for our guests, even if they are just passing by. I still love the dramatic moment when the doors open and the bride is revealed for the first time. The view from the back of the Pavilion, with Cinderella Castle perfectly framed, will never get old! In tribute to our 'Sweet 16' I wanted to share photos from one of the very first couples to wed with us at Disney's Wedding Pavilion. I also dug out an old box filled with magazines, newspaper clippings and collateral to dust off in the Pavilion's honor. Welcome back to 1995!