For years bridal parties have basically looked the same - the bridesmaids in matching dresses on one side and the groomsmen clad in formal suits on the other. But, not anymore! Many modern couples are inviting friends & family members of both genders to stand alongside them on their big day.
"Bridesmen" and "Groomsmaids" as they are often called are becoming more and more prevalent in today's weddings, with some men even serving as the bride's "Man of Honor" and ladies serving as the groom's "Best Woman".
I love this trend because it provides more flexibility in wedding party roles and allows those who are most important to you to participate in your big day. And that's truly what a wedding is all about - sharing it with those closest to you, whomever they may be.
I want to hear from you, Jewels! Would you ask a friend of the opposite gender to serve as one of your attendants? xoxo,