Crystal blue skies and an a stunning ocean view set the scene for Marie and Clayton's Disney Wedding aboard the Disney Dream cruise ship. A a blind date, set up by Marie's sister almost three years ago, was the very beginning of the their love story. That evening they spent hours talking on the beach. When it came time to propose, Clayton brought Marie back to the same pier where they had their first date and asked her to marry him with the beach in the background.

Why A Cruise Wedding
After so many of their special moments happening on the beach, Marie and Clayton knew they wanted to get married near the water. "When we decided to start planning our wedding we knew we wanted something intimate and private," shared Marie. "We kicked around different cruise lines and key west"

"I had a very small budget but had champagne expectations. Then I came across Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons and I immediately knew that is what I wanted to do."

Marie shared, that "for the first time, in all the planning that we had done, [I felt] that everything would be perfect. I didn't have to worry about anything and I could get my dream wedding on my small budget. I cancelled my wedding in the keys and called Disney Weddings to start planning. Hands down best decision I ever made."

Disney Wedding Dream Come True
Marie shared, even though she hadn't been to Disney in many years, it was her happy place. A place where she had wonderful memories with her mom, who had passed away only two years prior. "My favorite part was walking down the aisle and seeing Atlantis from the deck. It gave me my a child my mom took us to Atlantis on our very fist cruise and I felt her there with me."
When we asked Marie how she would describe her Disney Wedding, she said, "my wedding was beautiful it was an amazing experience just out of a fairytale."

Marie and Clayton's advice to future Disney couples? "Relax and let Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings take care of you, because they do."