We've tackled something old, something new and something borrowed this week - so that leaves us with something blue! Adding something blue to your wedding symbolizes purity, love and fidelity.  Some brides think this is the most difficult part of the tradition to incorporate, but the wide variety of shades make a touch of blue easily attainable for just about any bride.

1. Commemorate the day by embroidering it in blue on the underside of your gown
2. Carry out the tradition with a blue bouquet stem wrap
3. Opt for an embroidered blue garter (the classic choice for something blue)
4. Outfit your bridesmaids in a beautiful pale blue, deep navy or any shade in between
5. Cinderella proved a new pair of shoes can change your life, so mark the start of your married life with some blue pumps or Converse sneakers

As true as blue,