In today's society, the terms escort and place cards are used interchangeably- and if you're like most brides, you're probably asking yourself if there's even a difference between the two. Well I'm here today to tell you that escort cards and place cards are in fact two very different things. Escort cards are standard at almost every wedding, and are typically what most brides refer to with regards to where their guests will sit. Typically arranged in alphabetical order by guests' last name, these are the cards that your guests will pick up to escort them to their designated table. Place cards are used to inform guests exactly which seat is theirs, or their place, at a designated table. Place cards can be helpful if you are looking for your guests to mix and mingle with particular attendees.
My favorite thing about both escort and place cards is that they allow the bride and groom to let their personality shine through- you can't go wrong with either of them. Eat, drink and be married!