I've watched the first look trend become increasingly popular this year- and it's safe to say I'm a huge fan. Before the ceremony begins, the bride and groom arrange for a rendezvous so their photographer can capture the moment when the two first lay eyes on each other. It's intimate, it's special and it's nothing short of romantic. I'm all about breaking wedding rules a bit, but also completely understand that many brides want to wait until the ceremony to reveal themselves to their soon-to-be hubby. Insert the "new first look"- a pre-ceremony meeting where the bride and groom never actually see one another. With a little strategic placement (and a whole lot of trust) the photographer snaps a shot of the bride and groom's hands touching or of the duo exchanging love letters- without ever laying eyes on each other.
Jewels, I want to hear from you! Did you do a first look on your big day? Give me a shout in the comments below. Happily-ever-after,