You may have heard that today is 11-11-11. As if the date weren't special enough on its own, we have exactly 11 happily-ever-afters taking place at Walt Disney World today. And to throw one more 11 in there, I had to make sure I posted this story at 11:11 am! To meet our 11 lucky couples, be sure to check out their feature on the Disney Parks Blog.
As you can imagine, quite a bit of work goes into making 11 seamless events go off without a hitch. Yesterday I stopped by the Disney Florist to get a sneak peek of 11 beautiful (and unique!) bouquets. Our talented team of designers never cease to amaze me...
Of course the visit wasn't complete until we got 11 bouquets together for one very special 11-11-11 photo- love was most definitely in the air!
Make a wish,