YOUR OWN FOREST GLEN Celebrate your special day surrounded by nature's own glory. Nestled in pine trees and lush California greenery, this circular brick patio offers an open-air outdoor setting for an intimate ceremony or an enchanting reception.

Shrouded in the beauty of pines and woodland trees and shrubs, this round sunken courtyard offers serenity and an idyllic alfresco atmosphere on the sprawling grounds of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel® & Spa.
  • With a sunken design and a low retaining wall, the Brisa Courtyard is accessible via 3 small stairways spaced around its edge, allowing for photos and video from virtually any angle.
  • At night, lamps dotting the brick courtyard's perimeter are illuminated, casting a warm, captivating glow on your celebration.
  • Periodically, the monorail passes by overhead, reminding you and your guests that you're experiencing one of the happiest moments of your life at the Happiest Place on Earth.
  • The shape and size of the venue make it ideal for an intimate ceremony but also suitable for a reception complete with tables, linens, heat lamps, and floral and décor enhancements, if you wish.

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BRINGING YOUR DREAM WEDDING TO LIFE Loving this venue? Here are some important details to consider when planning your special day.
  • Please be aware that ambient noise may be a factor during your outdoor event.
  • Additional lighting may be required after sunset.
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"You don't marry someone you can live with; you marry the person you can't live without."
– Unknown
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