My Wishes Wedding Details

Please read and fill out the below questionnaire and submit to your Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings Event Manager at least three (3) weeks prior to your planning session date. This questionnaire is a tool which we use to conduct your planning session and is in no way a final document. Rather, it will help you and your fiancé have the most basic of conversations to get you started. There may be items you are unsure of at this point. You are welcome to leave that item blank for further discussion during your planning session. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Wedding Event Manager.
We look forward to helping you plan your very own fairy tale!


Wedding Rehearsal

Please note that Rehearsals are typically held the day prior to your Wedding. If you would like an alternative date, please note your preferred date and time. Rehearsal time and location will not be confirmed until 30 days prior to your wedding.

Resort Accommodations for Getting Ready

Please contact Wedding Reservations at (407) 827-6799 to book your resort accommodations. For your convenience, guest room check-in begins at 3:00 p.m and check-out is at 11:00 a.m. based on availability.
If not previously booked, are you interested in hosting any additional private events with us? If you would like to book a Walt Disney World Resort or Theme Park estaurant, please contact Group Dining at (407) 939-7707. Reservations are available at the 180 day mark.

For Your Wedding Guests

For Your Family and Wedding Party

For The Couple


Disney Fine Art Photography & Videography

Which of the following would you be interested in with a photography package?

Third Party Photography & Videography

All outside photography and videography vendors must sign and return a licensing agreement and proof of insurance 30 days prior to your wedding event. Please request this document from your Wedding Event Manager.
Will you be taking pre-ceremony photos together?
Who will be your officiant?
Please refer to your planning resources guide for a recommended list of vendors and information regarding obtaining a Florida Marriage License.

Staged Exit Options

Ceremony Entertainment Elements

Ceremonies held at the Wedding Pavilion include an organist. Ceremonies held at other locations include the choice of a solo violinist or guitarist. If you are interested in other ceremony enhancements, please select from the options below.
For the true royal treatment, these musicians will be dressed in renaissance regalia or standard tuxedos to perform a trumpet fanfare for the entrances at the ceremony, staged exit and entrances to the reception.
Cinderella's personal attendant will present your rings in a glass slipper at the ceremony, participate in the staged exit and announce your wedding party at the reception. As a magical moment, keep his appearance a surprise to your guests!
Costumed in proper black tuxedo tail-coat and white gloves, your butler performs similar duties as Major Domo.

Ceremony Music

Please list the songs you would like played at your ceremony. Please submit your song selections 30 days in advance of your events. Certain selections may require that you provide sheet music or a CD.

Order of Ceremony Processional

Please fill in the names of your wedding party and family members as you wish to see them process down the aisle.

Wedding Party

Please fill in the names of your wedding party as you wish to see them standing at the ceremony.

Number of Guests Expected


Reception Agenda

Reception Entertainment

If you select entertainment other than a DJ or Live Band, you must delegate the role of a "Master of Ceremonies" to one of your guests. The "Master of Ceremonies" is responsible for making announcements, introductions and following your reception agenda.

Seating Arrangements

For the Couple/Wedding Party

For Wedding Guests

Reception Enhancements

Details can be discussed at your planning session. Based on location availability.

Disney Characters

Complimentary Items You Can Borrow from Our Catering Location

Items You May Be Providing

At the end of your wedding reception there will be many items and gifts to collect

This person will be responsible for collecting all wedding gifts, the top layer of your wedding cake and any items you will be providing such as the guest book, cake knife & server, toasting flutes, etc.

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