A SEASIDE ESCAPE Enjoy a reception unlike any other as you celebrate your new union beside the calming ocean waves. Dine right on this white sandy beach and take in the breathtaking views in this completely immersive setting.

PARADISE FOUND Dreaming of the ultimate island reception? What better way to celebrate than directly on the beach! Relax and unwind with the ones you love as you listen to the sounds of the ocean and breathe in the fresh air
  • Stroll down to the beach with your guests, passed the swaying palm trees and find your reception ready and waiting to begin.
  • Kick off your shoes and enjoy the sand! This venue location is perfect for sunset dinners and celebrations you'll never forget. You simply can't beat the pure island beauty on display.
  • The beach is still open to all our Resort Guests, but we are able to secure a private section for your event, which will only be available to you and your wedding party
  • As with all our venues, Aulani Beach has a mandatory 10:00 PM end time for the comfort of all our Resort Guests.
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BRINGING YOUR DREAM WEDDING TO LIFE Loving this venue? Here are some important details to consider when planning your special day.
  • This venue is available for dinner receptions only.
  • Disney Characters cannot make appearances at this location.
  • Standard outdoor lighting included.
  • A special venue fee applies.
  • This venue is available for the Lōkahi Package.
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"And they lived happily ever after."
– Unknown
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