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California Grill

California Grill


CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' Panoramic views and masterfully executed market-inspired cuisine make this award-winning restaurant a premier dining destination. Host your reception here and enjoy delicious fresh fare and amazing views of Magic Kingdom Park.

HAUTE CUISINE AT GREAT HEIGHTS Via private elevator, ascend to the 15th floor of Disney's Contemporary Resort, where you'll discover stunning vistas of Seven Seas Lagoon and Cinderella Castle in a relaxed yet lively atmosphere.
  • Fresh, sustainable ingredients and a seasonally changing menu provide the gourmets among you with an upscale dining experience that reflects the international melting-pot culture of the West Coast.  
  • Here, renowned chefs meld global flavors from Mediterranean to Latin to Asian in deliciously inventive new ways in an open kitchen where a brick oven fires artisanal flatbreads.
  • Guests may venture outside to view Magic Kingdom park in all its glory from an observation deck. 
  • Should you wish to host an evening event at California Grill, we invite you to explore the possibility of reserving one of our 2 private rooms for your party.
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  • Additional lighting may be required after sunset.
  • Events in outdoor locations may be moved indoors due to inclement weather. A decision will be made at least 5 hours prior to your event.
  • Please be aware that ambient noise may be a factor during your outdoor event.
"Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life."
– Unknown
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