Don't Let A Few Showers Rain on Your Parade

Rain is no stranger to the weddings world, especially if your big day is scheduled for the late summer or early fall months. But not to worry - having a backup location (which we here at ...SEE MOREabout Don't Let A Few Showers Rain on Your Parade


Mothering Your Mother-In-Law

Have a MOG (Mother of the Groom) that just won't quit? Friends that are smothering you with wedding advice? Trust me, you're not alone. Take a deep breathe and give me 49 seconds to help ...SEE MOREabout Mothering Your Mother-In-Law


Wedding Budget Tips

Today I'm tackling the 'B' word- because EVERYONE has a budget! httpv:// Happy Monday, Jewels! SEE MOREabout Wedding Budget Tips


Epcot Bridal Spotlight: Catherine & Andrew

Mix a beautiful day at Epcot with an adorable couple and you've got a recipe for a stunning Bridal Spotlight video. What I love most about this video option is that you get the entire par...SEE MOREabout Epcot Bridal Spotlight: Catherine & Andrew


Video: I Do To-Do's

You're engaged- now what?! Today I'm sharing three tips to help kick-off the engagement process. httpv:// Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride- it fl...SEE MOREabout Video: I Do To-Do's

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