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Wishes Collection

Wishes Collection

You've come a long way to reach this point in your life. On such a momentous occasion, you deserve to arrive in style. With the Wishes Collection, your mode of transportation can be as romantic and exciting as the day itself, with the storybook extravagance of Cinderella's Crystal Coach or our equally magnificent Vis-à-Vis carriages.

Cinderella's Coach
Every fairy tale should have a magical beginning, and as far as magical beginnings go, arriving at your wedding in Cinderella's Crystal Coach is hard to top. A handsome steed and a coachman in full royal attire accompany this clear pumpkin-shaped carriage adorned with silver flourishes for a ride befitting a princess.
For more classic horse-drawn transportation, turn heads and awe your guests when you arrive in an all-white vintage Vis-à-Vis carriage where you and your betrothed can sit face to face or side by side. Reminiscent of timeless romance, this elegant mode of transportation is pulled by a single horse and guided by a driver in formal attire.
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