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Wishes Collection

Wishes Collection

When you look back on your wedding day, part of what you'll remember most are the sights and sounds that made it special. With the Wishes Collection, create an enchanting and memorable ambience with your selection of songs played live or add an unforgettable surprise for your guests with an appearance by a Disney Character.

Disney Characters
Make your day truly delightful with an appearance by a beloved Disney Character*. Imagine the reaction from guests of all ages when Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck or Daisy Duck drops by your reception to help you cut the cake. Whomever you choose, they'll be wowed and you'll create a uniquely Disney memory to treasure for years to come.
For wedding day music that exudes classical romance and elegance, the sweet, serene strains of harp music have no equal. Be it a featured performance or accompaniment during your ceremony or reception, ethereal sounds will float through the air while skilled fingers deftly pluck the strings of this beautiful instrument, gracing your wedding with a divine presence as well as an enchanting sight to behold.
String Trio
This distinguished ensemble lends an air of elegance and sophistication to your wedding with the graceful vibrancy of 2 violins complemented by the rich, deep tones of a cello. From classical chamber music to contemporary selections, you and your spouse can choose songs that best accompany the various segments of your ceremony. The trio can also perform at specified junctures during your pre-reception and reception, if you desire.
Whether heralding your arrival or simply raising their trumpets in joyous celebration, the regal sight and sound of trumpeters bring pomp, spectacle and even a sense of fun to your wedding celebration. Whether proclaiming the arrival of the bride at the start of the ceremony or introducing the newlywed couple at its conclusion, fanfare trumpeters in medieval garb offer an unexpected and unforgettable enriching element.
*Disney characters are subject to availability and specific characters may not be available.
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