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California Escape Weddings

Escape Collection

Wishes Wedding Questions
Q What is a Wishes Collection wedding?
AA Wishes Collection wedding can be virtually anything you want it to be. That's the beauty of it! Wishes Collection events are completely customizable so that you can create the wedding of your dreams. Choose from any of our available venues for both your ceremony and reception, and personalize them further with floral enhancements, food and beverages, and entertainment. You will also have your own Wedding Coordinator who will oversee all of the details so that you can enjoy the process with a minimum of stres
Q How much will my wedding cost?
AThe cost of your Wishes Collection wedding can vary greatly, depending on which venues and enhancements you select, along with the size of your celebration. Pricing is based on a number of factors, including your guest count, a food and beverage minimum, plus overall costs, if applicable. These expenses will be combined with your ceremony and reception site fees to determine the total price of your wedding celebration.
QWhat costs are associated with goods and services such as flowers and entertainment?
AEach of these items has a separate cost that will be discussed during the planning phase. We recommend that you use Disney-preferred vendors, though you do have the option to hire your own. If you decide to host your wedding or reception at a Disneyland® Resort theme park, however, we require that you use our Theme Park Wedding Package vendors.
Q Can I have my Wishes wedding ceremony, vow renewal, commitment ceremony or reception at locations throughout the Disneyland Resort?
AYes, you can. One of the best things about the Wishes Collection is that it offers you the entire range of available options so that you can custom-design your event to your specifications. We encourage you to explore the variety of locations available at our theme parks and Resort hotels to find one that's everything you had in mind.
QWill my deposit be applied toward my event?
AYes. Your deposit will serve as your commitment to hosting your wedding at the Disneyland Resort, enabling our team to begin planning your event and securing your selected venue(s) and Resort hotel accommodations. Your deposit, once received, is non-refundable and is required in order to confirm your event. After that, planning may begin as early as a year in advance of your wedding date.
Q Do costs associated with services provided by Disney-preferred vendors apply toward my event minimum cost?
AYes, but only Disney-provided services will apply toward your event minimum, while any non-Disney-provided services will not. Disney-provided services always include all food and beverage and the wedding cake, but may also include floral and décor, specialty lighting and entertainment services. Non-Disney-provided services may include invitations, photographers, videographers, hair and makeup stylists, and officiants. Your Disney Wedding Planner will be happy to clarify this for you during the planning process.
QCan I bring my own cake?
ANo. We're sorry, but cakes and all other food- and beverage-related goods and services must be furnished by the Disneyland Resort. The good news is, we're exceptional at both! We offer an amazing variety of spectacular cake designs and delicious flavors for you to choose from. Or, if you prefer, our award-winning pastry chefs are happy to create an entirely original cake based on photos or your imagination. Visit our Cake Photo Gallery to view some of our most popular designs.
QI would love to have my wedding or vow renewal ceremony at a Disneyland Resort theme park but do not have the budget. How do you suggest we incorporate some Disney magic into our event?
AWe are pleased to offer many magical opportunities to enhance your wedding celebration. For example, you may wish to consider a pre- or post-wedding event such as a Fantasmic! dessert party or even a World of Color picnic with reserved seating to add a dash of Disney to your special day. For booking information, please call (714) 781-3463. Your Disney Wedding Specialist can provide additional details about these and other options as you plan your wedding celebration.
QI am considering a wedding date one year from now. How far ahead should I start planning for a Disney celebration?
AYour timing is perfect! Planning is the key to a successful wedding. Typically, Wishes Collection weddings may be booked up to 18 months in advance and then involve a one-year planning cycle. Of course, we understand that special circumstances and needs do arise, and our team would be delighted to work with you to accommodate your particular requirements. Be sure to discuss all scheduling needs and options with your Disney Wedding Specialist.
QWhat times are available for my wedding ceremony and reception?
AYour Wishes ceremony at a Resort hotel location may be scheduled for the following times, subject to availability: 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 5:00 PM and 7:30 PM. Your Wishes reception is subject to the following restrictions: Lunch receptions must start by 1:00 PM.

Escape Wedding Questions
QWhat is the Escape Collection?
AThe Escape Collection is a complete wedding package that typically includes a small ceremony with a Reception Celebration with a premium 3-course plated meal, a bridal bouquet, a groom's boutonniere, a CD player for the ceremony, a hotel booking website and your own Disney Wedding Coordinator to assist you in planning your big day. Escape weddings can accommodate up to 18 guests at the ceremony.
QWhat is included in the Escape Collection package?
AThe beauty of the Escape Collection is that all of the details and special touches are already included:
  • Ceremony location
  • A fresh floral bridal bouquet and a boutonniere for the groom
  • A 2-tiered wedding cake and a bottle of our house sparkling wine
  • A CD player or iPod hook-up to play either your own music selections or Disney-provided music for your ceremony
  • A premium 3-course plated meal
  • Self-parking for you and your guests
  • An on-site Wedding Coordinator for your ceremony
  • A personalized wedding website
The Escape Collection is the perfect way to celebrate with a small group of family and friends where all the things that make a wedding special are taken care of.
QHow much planning time is necessary for an Escape wedding?
ABecause Escape weddings are elegant, simple affairs for 18 guests or fewer, they take about 6 months to plan. Our experts have assembled some of the most popular floral, cake and music selections on your behalf to facilitate the decision-making process. A planning kit that the couple completes will also help make planning your wedding stress-free. Your Disney Wedding Coordinator will review your wedding day itinerary prior to the event to ensure you are comfortable with the details.
QEven though I'm planning an Escape wedding, can I do something special for my guests?
AAbsolutely! Your planning kit will provide you with a list of enhancement options.
QI have 21 guests. Can I have an Escape wedding?
AWe're sorry, but service quality issues require that we limit Escape weddings to parties of 20 or fewer, including the couple. If you would like to have more than 20 guests, we invite you to look into a Wishes wedding
QWe would like to have our Escape Ceremony at the Rose Court Garden. Is this an option?
AUnfortunately, the Rose Court Garden is not an available venue for Escape Collection events. If you are interested in this type of experience, we recommend the Adventure Lawn Gazebo, which is available through the Escape Collection.
QAre we allowed to book Cinderella's Crystal Coach for our Escape Collection event?
ANo. Crystal Coach transportation is not available through the Escape Collection. If deluxe transportation options are important to you, we invite you to explore our Wishes Collection.
QAre we allowed to order additional floral elements to enhance our Escape Collection ceremony or reception?
AAbsolutely! Please contact your Disney Wedding Coordinator regarding additional bouquets, centerpiece options and more.
QI've chosen my Escape event date, but it is still 12 months away. Can I book now?
ANot just yet. Escape Collection events can only be booked within 6 months of your desired date, excluding holidays and peak dates. The Escape Collection is available during the the day, Monday - Thursdays. Full estimated payment (payable by check, money order, Disney Rewards Visa® Card from Chase or other accepted credit card) is due one month prior to your event date. You will receive a detailed Letter of Agreement that will further explain the payment schedule and deposit amount.
QHow much will my wedding cost?
AThe base price of your Escape Collection wedding package is $6,500, inclusive of tax, service charge and applicable fees. Please note that any enhancements to your wedding package are at an additional cost, to be determined during the planning phase.
QWhat times are available for my wedding ceremony?
AYour Escape Collection ceremony may be scheduled Monday through Thursday only, excluding holidays, at the following times: 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM.
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