Stanley and Sean's story begins as an exceptionally modern fairy tale. It was by pure fate that they connected and all thanks to a Chicago traffic jam! Both were using a dating app at the time, and Sean was touring through Chicago with a theater group while Stanley was visiting his family in town. Due to the traffic jam, they both just barely ended up in each other's dating area. They struck up a conversation and began a long distance romance immediately. Stanley shared, "We Skyped every single day until he came out to NYC for our first date. I know how rom-com this is about to sound, was love at first sight."

They moved in together within a few months to close the distance - "it was so wonderfully perfect." Their first trip together was to Walt Disney World, so it already held a special place in their relationship. For their second trip, Stanley got Sean's family to secretly tag along on the trip for a big surprise. He brought Sean onto the platform in the center of the Italy Pavilion while everyone hid in the surrounding shops. After the inevitable "yes", the family all jumped out to congratulate the two. 

A Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding was always the dream, and considering it was both their first trip and where they were engaged, it felt right to finish the circle. Sean and Stanley exchanged their vows in the very spot where Stanley proposed in the Italy Plaza and celebrated at an absolutely incredible reception at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. The decor and lighting was stunning! As Stanley put it, "We had so many details and expectations in our heads, and they were all completely blown away."

Images Courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography