Felipe and Sevy first crossed paths at a friend's wedding but Felipe mistakenly thought she was with someone else. To clear up any confusion, Sevy walked up to the bar alone where he was and they've been together ever since. Little did they know they would be attending another wedding together, but this time it would be their own. 

According to the couple, Felipe had already proposed and Sevy had said yes multiple times before it "officially" happened. After meeting with Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding to discuss a potential wedding, the couple returned to their resort room adorned with roses and elaborate gift boxes. Sevy assumed it was from Disney, but as she turned she saw Felipe on one knee with a ring box. Their engagement was "officially official" and the couple loved already having a wedding date set so they could start planning the next day.

They celebrated their love with a magical and truly once in a lifetime moment at Walt Disney World. As they traveled from a fairy tale ceremony at Disney's Wedding Pavilion to a storybook evening at the American Adventure Rotunda each place was even more breathtaking than the last. Their guests loved watching the fireworks, enjoying all the different food action stations and packing the dance floor all night long. The couple capped off their nuptials with a beautiful portrait session inspired by all things Cinderella at Disney's Magic Kingdom- a fitting happily ever after for the fairy tale couple. 
Images courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography
Video courtesy of Key Moment Films