This cute couple first met when they were just five years old as their families attended the same church. However, it was not until years later when they were in high school that their love story began. One day, Rachelle simply texted Dustin that they were now a couple and just like that, they were. On Christmas Day (Rachelle's favorite holiday), a few years after dating, Dustin called her over to the Christmas tree, pulled an ornament off the tree, opened it up and revealed a shining engagement ring inside.

On their first trip to Walt Disney World together, the pair were riding the monorail (which passes Disney's Wedding Pavilion!) and upon seeing it, they both looked at each other and knew that was where they wanted to get married. Their dream became a reality, and they chose an Up-inspired theme with brilliant primary colors throughout. They see themselves reflected in the film's main characters, Carl and Ellie, both in personality and in their love story starting in childhood. Dustin and Rachelle described their wedding as embodying everything that they are as a couple and a wonderful celebration of their new marriage. 

Wedding images courtesy of Mustard Seed Photography

Magic Kingdom Portrait Session courtesy of Disney Fine Art Photography