• You'll constantly stare at your left hand
That shiny sparkler perfectly nestled on your ring finger is with you 24/7- and you won't be able to look away! And the good news is that you don't have to- unless you are operating a vehicle or heavy machinery. You'll also be showing it off constantly to friends and family, so you may want to get a manicure so those cuticles of yours are in tip-top shape.
  • You'll find social media friends you didn't know you had
It's a big moment- changing your Facebook status from 'in a relationship' to 'engaged'. Close friends, coworkers and friends you didn't even know you had will respond with tens of exclamation points and by writing in all caps. Take it all in- you deserve it!
  • Recently married friends will become experts
Even if the advice is voluntary, your friends are excited for you and may even miss the excitement of their own wedding. Or they may think they are doing you a favor by preparing you for the road ahead.
  • Everything around you becomes inspiration
You'll start to look at magazines, television shows and social media sites differently. They are all a great source of ideas and inspiration, so soak it all in.
  • People will ask if you've set a date
You just got a ring on your finger yesterday and people are already asking questions you don't have the answers to- Have you set a date? Location? Don't worry- they are simply excited for you and you don't need an answer to these questions just yet. Take it all in and enjoy being engaged. Congrats, bride-to-be!