Cameron and Xia met while working at a theme park! She was a host for several shows and he was a hip hop dancer. Xia noted it was definitely love at first sight. When it came time to take the next big step in their relationship, Cameron knew just what to do. Xia thought it was just another day at work. One of her former coworkers came to visit and as they were talking the music suddenly changed in the store. The friend started to dance, then more old coworkers started appearing out of nowhere dancing - it was a flash mob! Cameron was the last to appear and slid in on his knees to pop the question. 

The couple decided on a wedding at Disneyland since they were both huge Disney fans throughout their whole lives. They are also big on the outdoors and loved the outdoor ceremony options here. They chose Brisa Courtyard, then moved to the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion for a fairy tale reception. Xia described their wedding as "filled with all the aspects that we love and cherish: green, nature-filled open spaces at sunset, a hint of Disney magic with the monorail making an appearance during our vows...everything was just perfect."

Cameron and Xia's advice to future couples is to ask every question you want to and to take a second to soak it all in at your reception. "It all goes by so fast!"

Images Courtesy of Cellar Door Photography