Lisa and Ryan's gorgeous Aulani wedding is truly something special. This couple met in a place not normally known for love - a hockey game! A winter sport may have brought them together but when it came time for the proposal, the two set off for a tropical destination. On a vacation in Hawai'i, Ryan arranged a private helicopter tour of Oahu. The two soared around the island, taking in the wonderful sights, until they touched down on a beautiful hilltop. It was there that he surprised Lisa by dropping to one knee and asking for her hand in marriage! 

As you can see, the islands already had a special place in their relationship. When deciding on a wedding venue, they considered Aulani as option. They wanted someplace where all their guests flying in would have something to do and enjoy. During a site tour of the wedding venues, the couple absolutely fell in love with Lanikuhonua - just look at the photos and you'll see why! Lisa and Ryan's favorite part of their day was the reception, where they were able to simply relax and spend time with their loved ones. Their advice to future couples: "Just enjoy every moment!"

Images Courtesy of Bianca Photography